Help DDP Outdoor Continue to Succeed in Outdoor Advertising

The DDP Team Is Its Greatest Strength

At DDP Outdoor, you will find the best of both worlds: an entrepreneur’s mindset plus reach and resources. The Company's collaborative culture will generate a stream of new opportunities to define the future in Outdoor Advertising. Bring your unique perspective. Bring curiosity. Bring ingenuity, and drive. DDP Outdoor will give you a platform to grow your skillset throughout Ghana and Western Africa.

DDP is widely recognised as the market leader in outdoor advertising in Ghana. The success the Company has experienced is strongly correlated to the passion and energy of the DDP team.

The Company's people and culture are at the foundation of how it does business.  DDP strongly believes that its employees are its most important assets. This is why the Company invests so much in its people and its culture to create an enjoyable and inspiring place to work.

When it comes to DDP Outdoor's employees, it aims to offer:
1. Exciting Careers
2. Dynamic Workplaces
3. Opportunities for Growth

DDP Outdoor seeks to recruit and hire the best and the brightest candidates.  Due to this focus, the Company proudly has a diverse team of all backgrounds.  DDP Outdoor promotes a work environment that allows employees to appreciate and respect each other.

Once hired onto the DDP team, ongoing training will ensure constant development and a way to strengthen your skillset.  DDP Outdoor continues to improve and empower its employees in order to build long lasting skillsets that will lead to individual upliftment as DDP Outdoor grows.

DDP Outdoor encourages students and those with an interest in the industry to share their courage, confidence and can-do attitudes with the Company. The DDP team seeks innovative doers and thinkers who are ready to become the leaders of the future. Explore the exciting opportunities we offer across the DDP Outdoor platform.

If you have a passion for outdoor advertising and are interested in joining the DDP Outdoor team, then please send your CV to